Acetificio Carandini

A Fairy Tale with a Modenese Taste


Acetificio Carandini has been able to combine ancient knowledge with modern technology, succeeding in bringing their products to tables all over the world. Tradition is not the only important aspect: the ingredients chosen, maturation and aging in barrels of different essences are just a few examples. The secret ingredient is wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

Thanks to the family’s passion, they have been able to achieve high production efficiency, arriving at producing among the best Balsamic Vinegars of Modena.

Acetificio Carandini

Dal 1641 il casato Carandini produce uno dei milgiori Aceti Balsamici di Modena.

I Consigli di Bianca

If you are like Bianca and love natural remedies, you surely know about Wine Vinegar, an essential product that can keep acid reflux away with just a teaspoon a day.

However, in recent times, many other fantastic uses have emerged for this product that is now found in the pantries of many kitchens. Most importantly, you will discover how Wine Vinegar can be the key to an all-natural beauty routine!

Tasting of Balsamic Glazes

L'impegno di Acetificio Carandini.


Acetificio Carandini’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability stems from an awareness that each individual must contribute, through collective participation and the belief that even the smallest actions can trigger a virtuous effect that can make a difference.

To make this commitment a reality, Acetificio Carandini is dedicated to promoting short-, medium- and long-term activities to create responsible interaction with the environment, respecting the natural balance, people and the community.

Prenota la tua Esperienza all'Acetificio Carandini

Una visita nello stile della tradizione, nelle storie e nel design dell'Aceto Balsamico di Modena.

Acetificio Carandini produces its vinegar using the best raw materials and following the ancient teachings of its ancestors. It ensures that all stages of the production process are adhered to to the best of its ability, from the selection of raw materials to the control of maturation and aging cycles in its cellars. The company shows a passion that is renewed every day for the product it produces.

Come smell the fragrance of years of tradition and discover the new Acetaia.

Una fiaba dal gusto modenese.

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