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Riserva Giusti 100 – Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti since 1605

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An exclusive product, extracted annually in limited quantities from casks in operation since the 1700s. Giusti 100 is a unique product, aged over one hundred years and embellished by the24-carat gold label and printed in movable type, using a nineteenth-century Modenese typeface.


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An authentic, traditional and Emilian product.

La degustazione dei nostri esperti

Che Sapore ha Questo Aceto Balsamico?

La degustazione dei nostri esperti

Che Sapore ha Questo Aceto Balsamico?



“Giusti 50” and “Giusti 100” represent the most exclusive collection of the Giusti family vinegar works. Produced each year in extremely limited quantities and extracted from some precious batteries of barrels that have been productive since the 1700s. One of these casks, coded as A3, was brought by Giusti to the 1861 National Exposition in Florence where the 90-year-old vinegar extracted from it won a gold medal, a success later repeated in Paris at the 1889 Expo. The casket that encloses them consists of the five woods that make up the typical battery of casks. The front label is engraved in 24-karat gold, while the back label is made with the ancient movable type printing technique, using a nineteenth-century Modenese lead typeface. Extracted annually in limited quantities, Giusti 100 is a special reserve of Balsamic Dressing, aged over 100 years in the house’s oldest cask batteries. Characterized by a broad aromatic bouquet and unmistakable bittersweet taste, it has intense woody and ripe fruit notes. Each small bottle is numbered and hand-finished, kept in a casket with a small blown-glass pipette. A unique product.

degustazione aceto balsamico visiva

On visual examination, it is liquid, clear and shiny, dark brown in color. Homogeneous and without deposits, and of high density.

degustazione aceto balsamico olfattiva

Olfactory examination reveals a penetrating and persistent, sweet, spicy and fruity fragrance with balsamic and woody aromas.

aroma balsamico aceto abbinamento gustativa

On taste examination, the flavor is balanced between sour and sweet. Fruity notes and balsamic aromas are evident.


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Additional Information
ProduttoreAcetaia Giuseppe Giusti
IngredientiMosto cotto d’uva
FormatoBottiglia personalizzata da 100 ml
InvecchiamentoInvecchiato oltre 100 anni in antiche barriques di rovere francese risalenti al 1700
ProvenienzaModena (Emilia Romagna)


La Più Antica Acetaia al Mondo - Modena dal 1605

La famiglia Giusti, da più di 400 anni, conduce direttamente l’azienda con passione e lungimiranza, arrivando oggi alla 17° generazione. Claudio e Francesca, insieme a Luciano, portano avanti il progetto intrapreso dai loro avi, coniugando il rispetto per la tradizione con una gestione aziendale flessibile, moderna e sostenibile, centrata su benessere e valorizzazione delle persone, della comunità e del territorio in cui opera.

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  1. Santino (verified owner)

    They provided highest quality balsamic vinegar in a fast and excellent way. It was delicious on anything we tried it with and perfect for the cheese and wine. Highly recommended!

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