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Tasting “His Majesty” Balsamic Condiment of Modena from the Bellei vinegar works. The result of an ancient family recipe, these are totally natural products. They are perfect for accompanying your dishes. Modenese Excellence.

Sold as a bundle of 2 x 250ml

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An authentic, traditional and Emilian product.



His Majesty Dense Sweet and His Majesty Dense White of Modena are the fruit of a ancient recipe of the Bellei family in which fine raw materials that are part of the tradition of the area are expertly blended together and subjected to a prolonged aging, giving rise to those characteristics that make the products His Majesty absolutely unique.


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What does the Tasting contain?

acetaia castelli balsamic vinegar dressing his majesty white

Sua Maestà Denso Bianco Balsamic Condiment – Acetaia Bellei

acetaia castelli balsamic vinegar condiment his majesty

Sua Maestà Denso Dolce Balsamic Condiment – Acetaia Bellei



The passion for Balsamic Vinegar.

The Acetaia Bellei has always been characterized by respect for the product in its traditional values: following its development and guaranteeing absolute rigor in the choice of raw materials and sustainable production processes. Its products, all categorized as premium, mean spreading excellence through the simple gesture of pouring the dressing. Acetaia Bellei checks the quality with over 1,000 checks a year through certified laboratories and qualified tasters.

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  1. Maja (verified owner)

    We received the Balsamic Vinegar yesterday and it\’s superb – recommend!

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